Waterfall at MMA

Kim Campbell’s WATERFALL is added to the Monterey Museum of Art, for Year of the Women.
“The source of Waterfall is my own healing process. Like the mountain spring it emerges from the depths where fire morphs the elements into metals. This metamorphosis is not unlike the healing process. Forged by fire (trauma and self-discovery), metal is the starting point. Water, the basic element of life, is an active force in nature. It finds the cracks, the channels; it erodes and carves. It reshapes Color is transformative. The patinas are my process, my own journey of healing and finding my voice. The waterfall is freefalling, powerful, beyond our control. It is constantly changing and re-emerging as is the human spirit. If we allow the process of the forging and the healing to emerge we can find the true power of our voice. This is what I hope for all women who seek change.”

~Kim Campbell

Installation January 2018

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Campbell’s career in the visual arts is rooted in her early studies in Jewelry Design, and subsequently painting and sculpture in Florence Italy. In the 1980’s Kim sought a bigger canvas, moved to California, and began to broaden her palette at the Gale Laurence School of Decorative Arts in San Francisco. Campbell quickly became one of the Bay Area’s top interior artists. For two plus decades she honed her craft designing and creating wall and furniture finishes. Campbell trained and mentored numerous craftspeople in faux finishing, several of whom went on to successful careers of their own in decorative painting.


By 2000 Campbell moved south to Monterey, California where she began to freely unleash her full artistic expression on canvas. Her works often reflect her background in wall finishes and metal, as well as her deep connection to nature.


Campbell has exhibited in local and Bay Area venues, and has garnered a growing following of collectors from both her design client base and local patrons. Her paintings are in private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

“I am inspired by the natural world, organic materials, the cycles and changes of the earth, the elements that connect us as humans. For me, art should not only mirror our human existence, but the condition of our environment. This suggests the possibility of hope. When I approach a blank canvas, the creative process is as natural as breathing. I let the painting develop its own life as identity, integrity, and authenticity. It’s an exchange of energy between myself and the viewer. My hope is to inspire the viewer to question, to allow a new perspective, just as the creative process acts to define me.”